A minor fire occurred today at recess in an evaporative air conditioner above the cooking room. All students were quickly evacuated to the muster point while the fire brigade attended. All staff and students are safe and sound and the fire has been successfully extinguished.

This term Clarkson CHS has introduced robotics into the ICT program to provide practical applications for coding.

The Edison Robot is a versatile educational robot the can be operated from a simple drag and drop program up to text based coding involving multiple units acting together.

Currently our Year 8 and 9 students are trying to complete obstacle courses that get increasingly more challenging. One student described the experience as “frustratingly enjoyable.”

There will be more STEM news to follow later in the term.

At Clarkson Community High School we have always aimed to be a technology-focused school with some of the best resources in the state school system. These resources include our school laptop program, media facilities, 3D printers, laser cutter, photographic equipment and of course the school drones to name just a few, but lets not forget our web services too!

You may not know this but we have several websites in addition to our public site. These include a staff portal, our in-house learning management system for students (Moodle), online booking systems for physical resources like rooms, computer labs and school buses and online booking system for parent evenings. 

All of these websites are hosted on-site and designed and maintained by our ICT staff. Recently, we undertook major server upgrades to ensure our sites are secure, current, reliable and fast.

We decided to take this opportunity to produce new versions of our public and staff websites that are optimised for mobile devices. No more zooming in and out or squinting, our websites now perform like apps on any smartphone or tablet with easy to read pages.

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