By John Keyworth, ICT Coordinator

Photo left to right: John Keyworth, Sarah Andreo, Tiffany Hodgson, Evelyn Kiddie, Aisha Simpson

Staff at Clarkson Community High School were recently honoured to be invited to the North Metropolitan TAFE Advanced Diploma in Photography exhibition at Gallery Central, Northbridge by two former Clarkson students Sarah Andreo and Tiffany Hodgson. Sarah was a finalist for the Best Series category and came in the top three. English teacher Evelyn Kiddie and photography teacher John Keyworth were both very impressed by the standard of Sarah and Tiffany’s work and very proud to see ex-students doing so well. It was also great to bump into a few other former students including Mallory Salinger, Ben Rijntjes and Aisha Simpson who were also in attendance.

A minor fire occurred today at recess in an evaporative air conditioner above the cooking room. All students were quickly evacuated to the muster point while the fire brigade attended. All staff and students are safe and sound and the fire has been successfully extinguished.

This term Clarkson CHS has introduced robotics into the ICT program to provide practical applications for coding.

The Edison Robot is a versatile educational robot the can be operated from a simple drag and drop program up to text based coding involving multiple units acting together.

Currently our Year 8 and 9 students are trying to complete obstacle courses that get increasingly more challenging. One student described the experience as “frustratingly enjoyable.”

There will be more STEM news to follow later in the term.

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