As Anzac Day falls in the Easter holidays this year, we held our ceremony on the last day of term (April 12th).

Students and staff paid respects to all those brave souls lost in conflict for our country.

Well done to all for a great assembly.

Lest we forget.


Photos: Student councilors John Hewett and Diamond Lawrence, school gardener Warren Robson and deputy principal Georgina Hall

NAPLAN tests for Years 7 and 9 will be held Tuesday 14 - Friday 24 May 2019

NAPLAN is made up of tests in four areas:

Language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation)

Students and parents are invited to use the public demonstration tests to familiarise themselves with the type of questions and related functionalities available in the NAPLAN Online assessment.…/public-demonstration-site

The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment(OLNA) commences next week in all WA secondary schools. The assessment is designed to enable students to successfully meet the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirement of demonstrating the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy.

The Clarkson CHS Literacy Support website below provides our Year 10 students with access to mock OLNA tests and examples of effective writing.  Practise lots this weekend!

By Tom Jones, English and HaSS Head of Learning Area


Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement – if you get it right. In 2019, alongside the 10 Mindframes, Clarkson CHS are embedding the thinking and practice from John Hattie and Shirley Clarke’s 2018 publication Visible Learning Feedback.The PowerPoint below offers a summary of each chapter from the text.
Visible Learning Feedback PowerPoint
In a February professional learning workshop, we explored the elements of a powerful school wide feedback culture and challenged ourselves to apply the elements to our practice in 2019. The workshop (See below) also served as an opportunity to observe and employ high impact instructional strategies led by Level 3 Classroom Teachers, Acting Deputy Principal Louise Hall and Head of Learning Area Thomas Jones.
Visible Learning Feedback: Building a Feedback Culture
In a recent Term One general staff meeting, teachers examined how they can enhance how they give effective student feedback. The main  section of the workshop examined how comments and grading impact learning. We present the workshop’s PowerPoint below.
Visible Learning Feedback: Post Lesson Feedback

In Week 4, our Year 7- 9 low literacy learners commence the WordFlyers programme to support their literacy development and their performance in May’s NAPLAN examination.
WordFlyers is a comprehensive online literacy program which brings students’ literacy skills up to standard in grammar, reading, comprehension, punctuation, vocabulary and writing.

The differentiated activities allow students to work at their ability, with a review level designed to bring struggling students up to standard.

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