In Week 4, our Year 7- 9 low literacy learners commence the WordFlyers programme to support their literacy development and their performance in May’s NAPLAN examination.
WordFlyers is a comprehensive online literacy program which brings students’ literacy skills up to standard in grammar, reading, comprehension, punctuation, vocabulary and writing.

The differentiated activities allow students to work at their ability, with a review level designed to bring struggling students up to standard.

Joanne Davies was Second in Charge of Learning Area of English and HaSS, intermittently Acting Head of Department at Clarkson Community High School in 2018. She started her journey at Clarkson as a student in 2002 and graduated in 2007. She wrote this article for Education Today magazine, which was published February 2019.

Hattie is renowned for his philosophy on ‘Visible Teaching and Learning’. He states that ‘accomplishing the maximum impact on student learning depends on teams of teachers working together, with excellent leaders or coaches, agreeing on worth-while outcomes, setting high expectations, knowing the students’ starting and desired success in learning, seeking evidence continually about their impact on all students, modifying their teaching in light of this  evaluation, and joining in the success of  truly making a difference to student out-comes.’ (Hattie, 2012). The Visible Teaching and Learning theory is grounded upon an analysis of hundreds of meta-analyses determining the effect size of numerous influences on student achievement.

Hattie, in collaboration with Klauz Zierer, defined and articulated 10 approaches to thinking that educators can adopt to maximise student outcomes (Hattie & Zierer, 2018).

John Young, Principal of Clarkson Community High School, has seen the difference visible learning makes. At Clarkson the faculty and staff are continuously propounding the question, how can we accelerate student learning? Our response to this query… an amalgamation of our research, shared beliefs, teaching and learning pedagogies and the use of data to inform instruction at a whole-school level, and at a classroom level. Young explains that “it is our belief that implementing Invitational Learning theory throughout every facet of our school has provided us with the best framework for success in re-culturing, re-structuring and re-timing of Clarkson Community High School” (2016).

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NAPLAN and OLNA literacy support sessions run on Thursday mornings at 8am in the library. All students are welcome!

The club will primarily focus upon writing, reading and language conventions instruction. There will also be weekly opportunities for student to practice past exam papers.

Please visit the support website at the link below:




The Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company visited Clarkson CHS in Week Six to run a Macbeth Masterclass with our Year 10 students who are studying the play.

Caitlin Beresford-Ord, Arts Educator from Bell Shakespeare, had students explore Macbeth’s characters, events and themes through performance, acting games and costume.

The students behaved impeccably, spoke confidently in front of their peers, acted brilliantly and now possess a deeper understanding of the play.

We look forward to working with Bell Shakespeare on future Clarkson incursions and excursions.

Thomas Jones
Head of English and HaSS Learning Area

Mr Jones joins us as Head of English and HASS with curriculum and pastoral care leadership experience from a wide range of schools. Thomas began his teaching career in London and has since worked at Duncraig SHS as Year Coordinator and at Joseph Banks Secondary College as Teacher in Charge of English.
Thomas achieved Level 3 Classroom Teacher status in 2016 and recently completed his Masters of School Leadership qualification at the University of Western Australia. He is passionate about building collaborative teaching teams and providing students with equal opportunities to learn. His experience makes Thomas a valuable asset to Clarkson CHS and we welcome him to the school community.

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