Geraint Davies is an experienced school leader who has taught and led staff in country WA and metropolitan Perth schools since 2002. 

Geraint taught in Albany, Fremantle and Kalamunda before joining the Clarkson team in 2005.  After four years at Clarkson in the mid-2000s, Geraint left education in 2008 and worked as an Intelligence Analyst for the Federal Attorney General and later WA Police in the Internal Affairs Unit. 

Geraint returned to education in 2010 joining the team at Clarkson as head of Middle School and later HOLA of Applied Science and Mathematics. 

In 2017 Geraint joined Churchlands SHS as Head of Student Services for Year 9 and then in 2018 Head of Middle School at Belridge Secondary College.  Geraint returns to Clarkson in 2019 with a greater breadth and depth of experience having worked at Churchlands and Belridge High Schools.

Geraint is committed to inviting student involvement and is a firm believer of excellence, engagement and ethics in education.  Geraint’s focus for 2019 is to build staff capacity in using data rather than opinion and thus improve equity for the students at Clarkson when compared not only to similar schools, but those with advantage due to their geographic location

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