The have been some exciting changes in the structure and members of the student council. The new plan we put forward this year was to recruit two student captains and two vice captains from Year 11, ready for 2020.  We were extremely lucky to have seven great candidates put themselves forward for these 4 roles.

Each of the candidates made their pitch to the Year 11 group, and also to the teachers. Each group were asked to vote on who they thought would do the role the best – this allowed us to determine the support these students had from their peers, but also their teachers.  Incredibly, the level of support for all the students was equally high. 

All throughout this week the students of Clarkson Community High School have been running fundraising activities. They demonstrated the school’s ICORT values by donating for a good cause (caring), being really positive about all the activities they have incorporated throughout the week (optimism), being aware of each other and being respectful towards each other, (respect) and finally, by showing each other that they can have these fun activities held around the school to raise money, they have allowed their peers to trust one another.

Tuesday's Biggest Kahoot Quiz was a great success! The questions where designed by Mr Bishop to test student and staff knowledge about Clarkson Community High School. A special Thank You to Mitchell Perry, Olivia Russell, Liam Saxon and Rashid Iranzi for helping to set up.

We now have $199 raised out of our $500 goal!

Today is the Armagetron Advanced Games session at the Library during lunch. A gold coin donation is required by all participants and spectators. Have fun!!

Another day and another fundraising event with students competing against each other in an intense Armagetron Advanced gaming session.

Up to now we have raised a total of $218.75!

Big congratulations to Bailey Tamanui, the match winner!

A special thank you to: Mr Thornicroft, Rashid Iranzi, Mitch Perry and Liam Saxon for helping with the set up and running of the show.

Monday's Clarkson Fundraising Bake Sale was a great success with students raising a total of $165.45!

A special thank you to Tyrone Casey and his mum Ms Jacqui Bramwell, Chloe Boyle, Eddie Darch, Jhameika Bradford, Kaiza Metuariki, Emily Lowry, Chelsea Archer, Bianca Hammond, Lara Goss, Dr Laing and Ms Meyers for bringing in baked goods!

Tuesday is the Biggest Kahoot session at the Library during lunch, so please bring your gold coins and your brain!

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