Dear Parents/ Guardians and Students

It is important that with the cooler weather approaching that we remind students of the need to adhere to the School Uniform Policy.

Dress Requirements For Students
All students are required to adhere to the Department of Education’s Dress Requirements for Students policy.
Dress requirements for students enhance the public’s image of our school and have a positive impact on a student’s self-esteem. They also enhance a student’s sense of belonging and pride in the school community. In addition, from a safety and security aspect, dress requirements are a useful means of identifying whether an individual on school grounds has a right to be there.

In our school, the School Council has developed a school uniform, in consultation with the students and staff.

  • The school colours are navy blue and teal.  No jeans or hooded garments are permitted to be worn.
  • Changing into the school sports uniform is compulsory when participating in Physical Education activities.


Uniform Policy

All decisions concerning the school uniform have been recommended and fully endorsed by the School Council, which views the wearing of a uniform as compulsory for students attending the school. It is school policy that:

  • Every student will wear school uniform
  • Students arriving at school will be clean and neatly dressed

Our emphasis on uniform is a response to the increased need to be able to identify intruders within the school grounds and the need for a greater spirit of co-operation within the student community. Any student arriving at school without uniform may be loaned a school shirt from Student Services for wearing that day. Any loan of clothing item must be returned on that day. Parents will be contacted so that they are aware of this breach of rules by the Year Coordinator. Parents who are unable to provide clothes conforming to the school dress code on a particular day for an exceptional reason should contact Student Services.


School Dress:
Please visit the our uniform page to view the range of school clothing. School Physical Education uniform is Navy blue shorts, skirt or track pants and a Navy blue T-shirt which can be purchased from the uniform shop. Flat, fully-enclosed footwear must be worn at all times. Ugg boots, thongs, slippers, scuffs, flip flops or sandals are unacceptable. This is a health and safety issue.

It is not appropriate for students to wear:
•    Denim
•    Soccer program playing kit as general uniform
•    Excessive jewellery (e.g. hooped ear rings, studded chains etc.)
•    Excessive make up
•    Bandannas at any time other than for canteen fundraising
•    Offensive slogans on any item of clothing
•    Clothing or accessories that could be considered dangerous e.g. chains hanging from waist
•    Clothing other than school uniform
•    Tights without a skirt or shorts
•    Hoodies or beanies

Consequences for students:
Repeat offenders will be identified by the appropriate Staff member and will be dealt with through the use of:  
•    Yard duty
•    Detention and/or
•    Exchange of clothing

Student Services have a washing machine where exchanged uniforms may be washed.

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