Students’ perspectives on teacher effectiveness and school climate are important. The Western Australian Department of Education is committed to the notion of student voice. FOCUS 2019 says: “Ensure school planning captures the views of students and facilitates involvement where appropriate.” (p 4) At Clarkson CHS, giving students a voice provides valuable feedback. Student voice gives a clear focus on learning and provides important evidence.

Teachers must be open to students' reflections on the learning. Student voice can provide constructive feedback. Feedback can be positive and useful as it provides information to:
1. improve assessment
2. know students
3. adjust teaching
4. improve teacher effectiveness
5. improve school climate

In 2018, the student council conducted a survey in regard to feedback and the teacher-student relationship. The staff members were given an opportunity to analyse the data and how to strengthen the feedback and teacher-student relationship.
This presentation captures the work currently underway in 2019 at Clarkson Community High School. Dr Steve Laing and Ms Jasmita Jeshani are passionate about their work with the student councillors to ensure all students at our school have an effective voice to help drive school improvement through classroom reform.


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