Our 2018 Student Councillors are doing a great job this year. Thank you for your efforts!

Back row left to right
Robin Ferris (Teacher), Muhammad Sya’ari Mohd Saidfudin (Head Boy Yr 12), Leo Vo Yr 12, Luke Graham Yr 7, Ryan Paolo Mendoza Yr 9, John Young (Principal),
Jhameika Bradford Yr 11, Kaiza Metuariki Yr 11, Viviann Michael Nou Yr 11, Tyson Mora Yr 10 and Jasmita Jeshani (Teacher)

Front row left to right
Sonia Sewpal Yr 8, Georgia Lovett Yr 9, Thu Thay Paw Yr 10 and Jaimee Fairbairn Yr 7

On Tuesday evening, our Deputy Principal shared information about Post Year 10 Options with parents and students.

The presentation linked here contains all information on pathways for Year 10 students.






If your child is being bullied, you should always take action.

Give your child as much support and love as you can at home, while you, the teacher and your child come up with a plan for fixing the bullying. Let your child know that the situation is not their fault, and it can be fixed.

Talk to your child about some of the different ways of dealing with bullying behaviour and why these work. This will help your child feel more confident and less powerless about being bullied.

There will be a session for parents (only) of Year 9 students in the Auditorium on Thursday June 21 at 5.30pm. Please see the flyer below for more details.


On Wednesday the 14th of March, Clarkson CHS hosted a Year 7 BBQ to welcome parents & carers of Year 7 students into the school. Deputy Principal Shane Yardley provided some insight into the vision of the school centred on Invitational Education and School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support.

Head of Mathematics & Science Adam Inder gave a presentation on the future of Year 7 Mathematics through the use of the Maths Pathway program. Head of Student Services James Carroll offered some insights into study habits and expectations in high school.
Staff, students, parents & carers enjoyed a sausage sizzle and an informal chat as students were able to take their parents & carers through a tour of the school. Thanks to all Clarkson CHS staff and Student Councilors involved in making the afternoon a huge success.

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