Join a savings program that matches every dollar you save, up to $500

Saver Plus is a community organisation that supports parents to provide financially for their children. The program assists parents to save for education expenses by matching their savings dollar for dollar up to $500. Saver Plus is Australia's largest matched savings program. More than 36 000 people across Australia have participated in the program, saving over $18.5 million.

It was developed by Brotherhood of St Laurence and The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) in 2003 and is delivered, in Western Australia, by The Smith Family and Brotherhood of St Laurence.

The Department of Education of Western Australia promotes Saver Plus to families in participating areas and eligible families now have the opportunity to participate in this initiative.

What this means for you:

Saver Plus is a free, ten-month program that provides financial education, budgeting and savings tips, and matches your savings, up to $500, for education costs. Saver Plus can help you:
• build your skills around managing money;
• become a regular saver; and
• reach a savings goal.

Once you finish the program, ANZ will match your savings dollar-for-dollar, up to $500. You can use your matched savings for education-related costs such as computers, laptops and tablets, school uniforms, text books, sports fees and equipment, school excursions and more.

For more information please download the fact sheet here.


Dear parents and students. Please note the last day for students this year is Thursday 13 December. Have a great holiday!

All Year 8 students who have returned a completed consent form will receive one or more of the following vaccines depending upon their individual requirements. Gardasil, (Human Papilloma Virus), Adacel or Boostrix, (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis).

There will also be a few Year 9 Catch-Ups (these are students who missed out on their last HPV) and Year 10 Meningococcal Catch-Ups. Thank you.

Please note the 2019 book lists for all year groups are now available to download via this link.

Our 2018 Student Councillors are doing a great job this year. Thank you for your efforts!

Back row left to right
Robin Ferris (Teacher), Muhammad Sya’ari Mohd Saidfudin (Head Boy Yr 12), Leo Vo Yr 12, Luke Graham Yr 7, Ryan Paolo Mendoza Yr 9, John Young (Principal),
Jhameika Bradford Yr 11, Kaiza Metuariki Yr 11, Viviann Michael Nou Yr 11, Tyson Mora Yr 10 and Jasmita Jeshani (Teacher)

Front row left to right
Sonia Sewpal Yr 8, Georgia Lovett Yr 9, Thu Thay Paw Yr 10 and Jaimee Fairbairn Yr 7

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