Since the release of the first Clarkson CHS Learning Journey document in March 2011 and the Learning Journey 2 document in November 2017, a number of conditions have changed which impact the school. However, the overall vision that encompasses decision making processes has not changed, as it is founded on what Clarkson CHS's Senior Leadership Team believe are fundamental truths about working with people in an educational setting.

To download the latest Learning Journey 3 document please visit this link

Performed by Viviann Nou, Kaiza Metuariki, Porscha Gurung and Diamond Angel-Lawrence

The song was written a good morning song for students in Invitational Education schools by Dr Sarah M. Butzin an award-winning teacher, academic and author in the USA. Dr Butzin is the creator of Project CHILD instructional system and the founder of the Institute for School Innovation in Tallahassee, Florida. The intentionality of care, optimism, respect and trust (I-CORT) helps to ensure each member of the school is contributing to a positive school climate.

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