Photo: Habir Jumani, Hadiqa Khan, Ashleigh Eaton, Albert Jacob MLA, Raudhah Mohammad Soffian, George Butterworth

On Thursday 25 August, the Year 12 Student Councillors from Clarkson Community High School were invited to luncheon at Parliament House in the members' lounge by the Hon. Albert Jacob MLA. The students thought that the luncheon was delicious and were very appreciative to see how the Western Australian Parliament worked after spending some time in the Legislative Assembly.

The school would like to thank Mr Jacob for his kind invitation.

John S Young – "Invitational Theory provides a unique language of transformation for the
school culture from awareness, to understanding, to application, to adoption. The need to
improve students’ literacy and numeracy standards of achievement has meant Clarkson
Community High School had to go through significant change. An increasing emphasis on
data-driven decision-making is central to the school’s improvement."

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