By Principal John Young

Invitational Education is based on five propositions: Intentionality, Care, Optimism, Respect and Trust (I-CORT).

In 2015, I was very fortunate, and just outside of New York, I went to a conference on Invitational Education on Long Island, and at the conference, I was introduced to the I-CORT song.

When I returned to Perth, Western Australia I was fortunate enough to work with two very talented Year 12 students Habir Jumani and Raudhah Soffian, to re-record Dr Sally Butzin’s, I-CORT jingle as a ‘Good Morning’ song for our school. The morning song was very well received—not only throughout the Clarkson community, but by all our friends worldwide through the International Alliance for Invitational Education, Lexington Kentucky, USA

Movie: Produced by Year 12 Photography and Information Technology students Brodan Northey and Habir Jumani. (except aerial video)
Music: Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule The World. Licensed from Universal Music Group and BMG Australia.