“We, too, have a dream for developing passion in learning and developing an education system that values inviting all students to come and learn, to belong, and to reinvest in their own learning.” Hattie & Zierer, 2018, (p. 167)

Making learning visible within an invitational framework is central to school improvement at Clarkson Community High School (CCHS) in Western Australia. Overcoming inequalities associated with the Index for Community and Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) and associated background factors of disadvantage, has provided a challenging context for school improvement and reform. An emphasis on research and data has focused teachers’ attention on the why, how and what of accelerating student learning.

At CCHS the importance of data and equity when making learning visible is always contained within an unconditional circle of intentional respect, trust, optimism and care.  At Clarkson the faculty and staff recognize that each student is unique. Each student is able, valuable and responsible and is treated accordingly. 

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