By Justine McNaught-Conroy - Deputy Principal

Linked to career planning, Clarkson Community High School has established the first ever school partnership with the Joondalup Police Academy.

I met with Inspector Gordan Fairman in Term 2 to investigate the possibility of working together to provide our student with a police career pathway and the opportunity to develop positive links with police in our community. After a presentation in Week 4, Year 10 and 11 students were invited to take part in personal training sessions with police recruits. We were pleased that 35 of our students took advantage of this opportunity and they have been undertaking training with recruits each week. We are anticipating some upcoming visits to the academy this year and hope that this program will grow over the next few years.

As part of the Joondalup Learning Precinct with ECU and Joondalup TAFE, Inspector Fairman is hoping to develop a team that can act as mentors to students in preparing them for the entry requirements of the police force.

Man Up!

Starting this term and running through to the end of the year we are running a program called Man Up! (A Right of Passage). This program is specifically tailored for Year 9 boys only and is about encouraging and challenging our boys to develop to their full potential as young men. It involves physical, mental and emotional challenges designed to teach perseverance, goal setting, teamwork and personal ethics.

Last Wednesday we officially launched the program with a Departure Ceremony that symbolised the beginning of their journey into manhood.  The boys were pushed and challenged as they made their way from Claytons Beach to Burns Beach but each of them was keen to sign the declaration at the end committing themselves to complete the journey. Watch this space!



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