All throughout this week the students of Clarkson Community High School have been running fundraising activities. They demonstrated the school’s ICORT values by donating for a good cause (caring), being really positive about all the activities they have incorporated throughout the week (optimism), being aware of each other and being respectful towards each other, (respect) and finally, by showing each other that they can have these fun activities held around the school to raise money, they have allowed their peers to trust one another.

Today students held a prize-giving assembly for the activity winners and held a uniform-free event to raise even more money. The star of the show, as always, was Nan who won the best dressed staff member!

The funds the students raised will go to purchasing educational books from The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA).  CBCA is a not-for-profit and volunteer run organisation whose aim is to “engage the community with literature for young adults”. The books the students purchase will be donated directly to the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical & Mental (SSEN:MM)

Mr Caleb Jones, the Associate Principal at SSEN:MM, spoke to students about how important it is for children in hospital with health issues to continue their education. He expressed his sincerest appreciation for the funds raised by Clarkson students and commented on the enthusiasm our students have for helping others.

So far, the students have raised a total of $480! A fantastic effort from all involved. Well done, the school is very proud of you!

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