The have been some exciting changes in the structure and members of the student council. The new plan we put forward this year was to recruit two student captains and two vice captains from Year 11, ready for 2020.  We were extremely lucky to have seven great candidates put themselves forward for these 4 roles.

Each of the candidates made their pitch to the Year 11 group, and also to the teachers. Each group were asked to vote on who they thought would do the role the best – this allowed us to determine the support these students had from their peers, but also their teachers.  Incredibly, the level of support for all the students was equally high. 

Therefore after careful thought, we’d like to introduce the seven members of our senior student leadership team – a team of equals, but with different responsibilities that we believe align favourably with their different skills and personalities, and which we hope will ensure their success in these roles.  

Our new School Captains are Chloe Egan and Cameron Morrow.  They have the responsibility student face of Clarkson to the outside world, and amongst other things will be responsible for running student council meetings, help organise and run the awards night, liaise with other school’s student councils, and organise external speakers for all school assemblies.  

Our student council vice captains are Jack Burton and Thuthay Paw . Their responsibilities include planning the student council camp, help run assemblies, and organise student council events already on the calendar, but also introduce new ones. 

New for 2020, we now have our first student mentor leaders, Amy Ryan-Robertson and Riley Dayton. They will be working with Scotty the School Chaplain to develop a mentoring program for some of our younger students to help them adapt better to being at high school and thus become more effective Clarkson Community High School citizens.

Last but certainly not least, Diamond Lawrence, who has been such a positive contributor in her role as a student councillor this year. She will take on the lead student role in our Teach the Teacher program.  This pivotal role ensures student voice is central to improving teacher performance by ensuring that teachers get useful feedback from students, but also helping to feedback to students what teachers are doing to try and improve student outcomes.  

Collectively this team, with members from the current Year 10 students as they move into Year 11, will help ensure that we have more events and activities to make Clarkson Community High School a more interesting, exciting, relevant and welcoming for the students who attend, as well as their families, and the staff who work here.

We welcome their energy and new ideas and hope they can continue the positive changes started by our current Year 12 councillors, Jhameika, Kaiza and Viviann, as well as the current and past student councillors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for the service they have given to our school community.

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