My name is Tashai van Niekerk and on the 28th of October I had the honour and opportunity of performing in front of the Queen of England and the 52 presidents and prime ministers of all the commonwealth countries at CHOGM 2011 (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting).

On that day, I walked into the office and the teachers gave me a letter from the government saying that I got nominated to perform. From that moment, my life was changed.

By Lisa Hughes

The first time I had thought about joining VET was in Year 10. It came about after helping in Student Services at school regularly. After a while, I gained the trust of staff and they gave me a variety of jobs to do for the school in the office.

By Saleem Yusifi

I commenced my trainee-ship with Reece Plumbing in Year 11. When I first signed up for the trainee ship I thought Reece was an actual plumbing firm. Although the trainee-ship was explained to me, I wondered if I would get sent out to work as a plumber. I soon realised it was a plumbing store, which provided plumbing supplies.

By Lucy Pound

In 2010 I joined VET because I wanted to get into the tourism industry. I went to TAFE and worked towards gaining a Certificate II in Tourism. I worked in travel agents and undertook office duties whilst learning about how a travel agency operated. At the end of the year once I had finished my certificate, I made the decision to move to business where I completed my Certificate I in Business Services.


By Lynna Cheng

Prior to joining VET Business in Year 11, I had no work experience and I had no clue as to what I wanted to do when I finished school. Thanks to VET I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of the workplace and also accessed jobs through work experience, which included receptionist at Professional North Shore and then sales assistant at Guardian Pharmacy. VET has really guided me to get an idea of what I want to do.

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